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Save Hiawatha 18-Hole Golf Course!

This web-site is a source of information and a connecting point for people who want to keep the Hiawatha Golf Course Property as an 18-hole golf course, with all of its practice facilities and amenities. Why are we trying to save Hiawatha Golf Course? Read about our concerns.


Request for Revision of Title of Resolution 2017-243 to allow the Hiawatha Golf Course Community Advisory Committee to consider the 18-hole Golf Course as charged in Resolution 2017-355.
Submitted to the MPRB, April 4, 2018

Information Requested from the MPRB for consideration by the Hiawatha Golf Course Community Advisory Committee
Submitted to the MPRB, March 28, 2018

Read Jerry Mullin's presentation at the
Water, Water, Water Meeting, Nokomis Community Center, March 21, 2018.

Hiawatha Golf Course - 1934 Hiawatha Golf Course - 1934
Courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society
Hiawatha Golf Course Hiawatha Golf Course - 2017
Hiawatha Golf Course Lawn Sign
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