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Save Hiawatha 18-Hole Golf Course!

This web-site is a source of information and a connecting point for people who want to keep the Hiawatha Golf Course Property as an 18-hole golf course, with all of its practice facilities and amenities.


We have new information about how much money has been expensed for the Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan through 2023. Look here for detailed information.

Read SaveHiawatha18's latest White Paper regarding the Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan. Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan White Paper 2.

Read the DNR's response to SaveHiawatha18's questions about pumping at Hiawatha Golf Course.
Read our response to the recent presentation by the Planning Group of the Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan.
Hiawatha Golf Course Memorials
Read about the Memorials on Hiawatha Golf Course.
November 29, 2020
Lake Hiawatha, the Dumping Ground
Read a history of the failed attempts at solving the water problems in South Minneapolis, why Hiawatha Golf Course is not the solution, and what the long-term solution should be.
April 18, 2020
SaveHiawatha18 White Paper
Read about what SaveHiawatha18 has found over the past 2 years about the MPRB plans for Hiawatha Golf Course.
By SaveHiawatha18, February 9, 2019
Hiawatha Golf Course - 1934 Hiawatha Golf Course - 1934
Courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society
Hiawatha Golf Course Hiawatha Golf Course - 2017
Hiawatha Golf Course Lawn Sign
Show your support with a Lawn Sign!
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