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Hiawatha Golf Course History

Hiawatha Golf Course Memorials
Hiawatha Golf Course has many memorials for past patrons of the golf course. Read about them.

The History of Black Golfers
Hiawatha Golf Course and the Twin Cities have a rich history of Black golfers. This profile hopes to give testimony to a little known history outside of the Black community.

Hiawatha Golf Course History
The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board provides a detailed history of the Hiawatha Golf Course.

Hiawatha Golf Course Property Owners
Are you wondering who owned the Hiawatha Golf Course property before the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board? Take a look!

History of Theodore Wirth, Superintendent of Minneapolis Parks
Theodore Wirth was Superintendent of the Minneapolis Park system for 29 years. He was instrumental in creating the Park system we have today, including the City of Minneapolis Golf Courses.