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About SaveHiawathaGolf18

SaveHiawathaGolf18 is a group of citizens that want to keep Hiawatha Golf Course as an 18 hole golf course serving South Minneapolis and surrounding communities. We, as a group, are comprised of homeowners, neighbors and patrons of Hiawatha Golf Course. We are, also, concerned about the changes being proposed for the golf course. We believe that there are serious concerns for the homes in the neighborhood regarding flooding, if part of the golf course is changed to permanently hold more water. And, the currently proposed plans will change this quiet neighborhood around the golf course into a busy, congested park.

Many of us have participated in the meetings of the past 2 years about the fate of the property, and feel that there has not been sufficient evidence to warrant closure of the golf course to date.

We also want City of Minneapolis officials to provide concrete, vetted plans for any alternative before continuing with their plans to close the golf course.

After all, isn't that what their constituents deserve?.