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Response to the 2022 Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan Presentation
March 2, 2022

The Planning Department of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board gave a presentation to the Planning Committee on March 2, 2022 about the Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan.

The following is some additional information about the presentation.


The presentation mentioned that the Hiawatha Park project filled in the western portion of park (the golf course) in the 1920's and early 1930's.

  • The project also filled in the northeastern part of the property where the park building, wading pool and playgound are currently built. The original lake bed went to the corner of E. 44th St. and 27th Ave. S. So, this area was filled in with the dredged spoils of the lake and elevated to a much greater extent than the golf course. Should the park building, pool and playground also be demolished so that this part of the property can also be returned to its original state?
  • The presentation stated that the lake level could not be lowered by dredging the creek.

    Alternative B was presented as the plan of choice while referencing all of the modeling and studies that were done for this plan.

    The 2017 statistics were presented comparing the number of users, and the 2017 cost/benefit analysis for Alternative A (18-hole golf course) versus Alternative B (no golf course), indicating that Alternative B is so much better overall.



    Commissioner Cathy Abene - She made a statement about cleaning up the water.

    Commissioner Tom Olsen - He talked about the "original sin" of developing the property into a golf course in the 1920's and 1930's.

    Commissioner Billy Menz - He asked why pumping has increased from 300 to 400 million gallons in the past few years.

    Commissioner Becky Alpers - She asked about the potential water problems in the basements of nearby homes.

    Commissioner Steffanie Musich - She brought up a case in Minneapolis where the Park Board stopped a homeowner from pumping water into one of the Minneapolis lakes.

    Commissioner Cathy Abene - She stated that the development of the Hiawatha Park property would not be allowed today.

    Commissioner Elizabeth Shaffer - She asked about losing more trees on the property.

    Commissioner Elizabeth Shaffer - She asked about how the water would be kept off of the 9-hole golf course.

    Commissioner Elizabeth Shaffer - She asked how the health of Lake Hiawatha intersects with the rest of the watershed.

    Commissioner Becka Thompson - She asked if a study has been done regarding the trash coming from the 43rd street pipe.

    Commissioner Becka Thompson - She asked how much water is pumped from Lake of the Isles.